Gazuntite's Cocoon of Care

Gazuntite is a comprehensive remote care platform built to increase provider reimbursement while simultaneously increasing patient compliance. Gazuntite seamlessly delivers physician, lab, pharmacy, transportation and even food services to patients at home.

Augmented with the top minds in Heart Failure, Gazuntite is designed and positioned to advance the complex and costly process of delivering care to to heart failure patients at home.

Care team.png

Not just monitoring, DELIVERING!!

The entire healthcare system just changed. Delivering care to a patient at home was a luxury, now it’s a necessity. Telehealth isn’t enough, it’s only 10%.

Remote care requires

•    Clinical status

•   Diagnostics
•   Delivered, Meds, Labs, Food, transportation, 
•   Care
Coordination across disparate health systems

Easily done in a hospital, hard for a patient at home...


Gazuntite goes beyond telehealth, providing comprehensive remote care delivery to chronically ill heart failure patients and entire patient populations during a pandemic.