Remote patient management is as much about logistics as it is information.  Gazuntite's unique DNA integrates logistics and IT to deliver care to the patient at home


About Gazuntite

Military Intelligence and Healthcare are industries not commonly linked. ​However, Gazuntite's founder, John Harrison began his career working for the Department of Defense, Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence (C3I) and founded 3 companies catering to Defense.  During this time he learned about real-time communications,  cross-organizational information exchange, situational awareness and logistics to deliver the goods and services needed to complete a mission.  These are all terms we hear today in Remote Patient Management of chronically ill patients and total patient populations during a pandemic.  

Gazuntite team, John Harrison, Dr. Bill Abraham, Dr. Tom Heywood 

Serendipitous moment

came when Harrison was presenting his idea about how to translate lessons learned in Defense to the benefit of healthcare to thought leaders in cardiology, Dr. Bill Abraham and Dr. Lalit Vadlamani.  At the time Dr. Vadlamani had just presented to the ACC his success in reducing heart failure readmission rates and Dr. Bill Abraham was leading the industry towards enhanced monitoring technologies and services for remotely managing heart failure patients. 

acc -daily memphis.png

Gazuntite team from left, Dr. David Wright, Dr. Barbara Geater. Upper Right, Dr. Lalit Vadlamani presenting at the ACC

As we customized Gazuntite to meet the demand of the heart failure community it became clear medication compliance was a key factor to increasing quality of life and reducing readmissions.  So we set out to solve this problem by incorporating pharmacy services on the Gazuntite platform. Pharmacist Bob Lomenick and owner of Rightway meds has helped Gazuntite build a service that gives direct and immediate communications between providers, pharmacists and patients to overcome the blackhole in healthcare, which is providers don't know if the patient has picked up their medication much less if they are taking them correctly.  

Gazuntite team from left, Pharmacist Bob Lomenick, and far right Mark Kruchten

Since Gazuntite's inception our team has built a remote patient management platform that aligns known successful interventions through a cloud-based secure eco-system of interconnected services.