Gazuntite is a tightly integrated platform of interactive components that for the first time allows teams of providers to work together towards the common goal of increasing the patients quality of life and the viability of their practice 

Connectivity and Delivery 

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Automated management of patients in a remote setting  puts Gazuntite in the unique position of delivering both more time for one provider to meet the needs of more patients while decreasing the total hospitalizations.

More Patients - Less Time - Better Care


Gazuntite's seamless integration into the IT workflow of the Memphis clinic running its pilot proved effecting in increasing patient compliance to the care plans set by the providers which translated to a cost saving to the payer and an increase of up to 400% to the provider.

Success in Memphis, Pilot Proves Worth

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Aligning proven but disparate methods to the treatment of heart failure patients in a remote setting is unique to Gazuntite.  These aligned services create a cocoon of care around the patient built on a foundation of small but numerous touches or contacts with the patient throughout their day, week and month.  

Gazuntite's Value Proposition

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