G azuntite is the first mobile platform to comprehensively solve Cardiology’s Remote Management of their Heart Failure patients

CMS is the rules and regulations body that set the stage for reimbursing Doctors for expanding their service to patients at home. Gazuntite’s mobile solution uniquely meets CMS’s goal by keeping the patient healthy and out of the emergency room through

  • Remote physiologic monitoring connected devices (e.g. BP, HR, ECG)

  • Electronic care plans (tasks and alerts)

  • Routine virtual visits (voice/video calls, image sharing and Instant Messages)

  • Secure, time tracked and coordinated encounter with a care-team of providers

  • Business conscious clinical workflow

Automated Clinical Workflow Efficiencies 

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Enhanced Medication Services 

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Easily set up patient specific care plans with a full set of self care tasks, including: Medications, Vitals, Activity, Wellness, Diet and Care Team follow-up scheduling.

Increase Patient Adherence through

  • RemindersTask

  • Auto recording of Physiologic Device measurements

  • Activity tracking

  • Interactive Voice/Text Response system

  • Home Delivery of Compliance Packaged medications

Enrich Patient/Provider Interactions


  • Scheduling tools, including:

a) pre-call questions and

b) image sharing

  • Document encounters with a full note synched with integrated Voice/Video and Instant Messaging

  • Time tracking of all patient interactions


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Virtual Check-In Video / Image Interpretation

  • Launch encounter notes directly from the Gazuntite IM

  • Evaluations and interpretations of videos and/or images sent from the patient. CMS requirement

  • Launch Gazuntite’s Book Appointment function to follow-up with the patient within 24 business hours. CMS requirement

Virtual Check-In Follow-up Evaluation & Management

  • Launch Gazuntite’s full telemedicine suite, with patients. CMS Requirement

  • Create a complete report before, during and/or after encounter. CMS Requirement

  • Record all time time associated with the call and note creation. CMS Requirement (5-10 minutes of medical discussion)


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Initiating Reimbursable Consult

  • Launch Gazuntite’s My Network function to find the consulting physician or QHP in your network of contacts

  • Choose any of Gazuntite’s communication options to begin virtual (non face-to-face) contact. Search and select the referenced patient

  • Share records easily

  • Gazuntite auto tracks all time with consulting provider.

Consulting Physician

  • Receives patient record for initial review

  • Call/IM initiated with treating physician using Gazuntite’s integrated suite.

  • Assessment and Plan written before, during or after Call/IM using Gazuntite integrated Note.

  • Share written Assessment and Plan with all necessary parties.


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GaMMS includes

  • Medication Compliance packaging and Med synchronization

  • Home Delivery of pouched medications to the patient

  • Pharmacist led patient oversight of medication compliance

  • Prior Authorization processing by the Gazuntite Pharmacist on behalf of the provider

  • Pharmacy Call Center

  • Patient reminder and response e-Prescribing direct to the GaMMs Pharmacy team.